Essential Maintenance Tips For Personal Cars

Most average car owners do not take the part of maintenance seriously until there is a breakdown. Most of them only do the oil changing or type re-inflating. This may work for some time, but eventually, the car will develop problems. It is therefore always important to visit one’s local auto shop twice a day. Here is a car maintenance checklist to follow.

These are some of the critical areas to make check

Brake care and check-uprepair man

It is always essential to have fresh brake fluid for the smooth running of one’s cars within every 18 months. This helps prevent serious brake problems later. Many brake problems begin due to negligence.

Have tune-ups often checked

Old car models require a tune-up after for every 12,000 to 18,000 miles depending on the type and the age of the one’s car. Newer cars require less frequent checking at auto shops and therefore can have tune-ups after every 45,000 miles and therefore require replacement of air filters, spark plugs, taking the cars to a diagnostic computer. This service usually runs for between 3 to 4 hours and thereby forcing one to leave and come to pick it later.

Have tire check-up

It is advisable to interchange one’s car tires after every 5,000 miles or whenever changing the oil if one travels only with the car. If one drives a long distance for any reason every day with their cars, it is always good to have an oil change and tire interchange after a period of every two months. If the tires get worn out one should replace them after every two years. Maintenance tips for personal cars is always a critical thing. If one buys old buys old cars, they look for the best selling and safety oriented companies that rank well in safety and quality. Also, make sure to use the right grade of Engine oil for one’s car.

Winter maintenance for people living in winter areas

If one lives in a region where you will be drivcar in snow areaing through harsh winter conditions, it is best to get everything completely maintenance and checked out by a mechanic every year. The best option is to take your car to a local shop and have a trusted mechanic to give your car an inspection for any potential problems that it may have on regular basis. Getting these problems fixed before they happen is a great way to prepare your vehicle for much more wear and tear as the winter season will do to a car.

These are the most four maintenance tips for personal cars everyone needs to take seriously.…

Choosing a family car

Many changes occur with each addition to your family. Upgrading your means of transportation is one of that. As you start the search for your family car, there are many things to consider than just the number of seats it has. Here are the tips what shopper should consider while purchasing their first family car.

Selecting a family car

Budgetfamily in a car

Determine what your budget will allow buying with ease and what you can afford? As far as the acquisition price is concerned. Sticking to an exact number will help you in deciding whether you would like to buy a new car, purchase a pre-owned car or want to lease a new vehicle. If you are passing from a paid off to a brand new car with monthly installments, then your insurance costs for the car will lead up high until you pay for the new car in total.


Nowadays, due to the safety rules, all of the new vehicles come with the well-fitted safety features, but some cars are best for the rest of the pack. Various institutes take the test and provide the vehicle with the ratings on the based on four of its test categories. The best car must feature the cross-test Ratings and side curtain airbags. Other features include antilock brakes, stability control, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warnings.

Comfort and convenience

Comfort depends on much time you expend in the car and how picky you are. Comfort and convenience are the things that every person needs. Two door vehicles are the offenders to the comfort and especially for families with infants, due to the small and tiny space for in and out. Therefore, families with children need cargo space or trunk space. Cargo space because families with the children have to use car seats which require an extra seat. Trunk space is important too if the vehicle is unable to accommodate the trolley of the small babies it will not work. Some of the cars with comfort pleasers are Honda Pilot, Buick Lacrosse, Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest.

Fuel efficiency

Nowadays Gas prices change regularly and faster. If caryou are not traveling on a daily basis then fuel economy is not the problem, but for the rest, it should be on the top priority list. Thanks to the new regulations, Manufactures now mainly concentrate on developing  efficient vehicles. Here are some of the best fuel efficient cars: Chevrolet Volt, Ford Fiesta, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze.…